Bullied boy with dwarfism Quaden Bayles forced to reveal passport after trolls claimed he was an 18-year-old actor – The Sun

A BULLIED schoolboy with dwarfism has been forced to reveal his date-of-birth after cruel trolls claimed he was an 18-year-old actor.

In a video clip, posted on Instagram, Quaden Bayles shows the inside page of his passport which proves he’s a nine-year-old child.

The schoolboy, from Brisbane, Australia, made headlines around the world when footage of him crying and saying he wanted to die after he was tormented by bullies went viral.

But after becoming famous, sick trolls on social media claimed that Quaden was actually an adult actor who had participated in a stunt.

Now, his mum Yarraka has posted a new video to dispel the ridiculous rumours.

Along with the clip, she wrote: “I can understand why people think my son @quaden_the_kid is not really 9y.o.


“He’s an old soul, wise beyond his years and definitely the smartest, strongest kid I will ever know.

“He is obviously not you’re average kid but like any other person, he just wants to be happy and healthy and I will do all I can to ensure that. “

She continues: “So just to set the record straight…

"Quaden was born at 12:15pm on Monday December 13, 2010!

“As you can clearly see here on his passport that was issued 22nd September 2017 before our first trip to Fiji.”

This comes after mum Yarraka broke her silence about the video showing a distressed Quaden saying he wanted to kill himself.

In a tearful interview with NITV, the brave mother spoke about the cruel treatment of her son by a gang of girls.

She said: "This was Quaden’s third week back at school. He missed the first week due to a family funeral in Sydney.

"We’d just come back to Brisbane and we’d been working with the hospital and the school to get him back into school."


When Yarraka picked her son up from school, where he had been watching a basketball game, she saw him being teased about his height.

She said: "I noticed Quaden in the middle of the line and a group of girls around him.

"Apparently there was a new student who wasn’t aware of Quaden’s condition and she’d been making remarks ongoing and Quaden just had had enough at that time.

"When me and my daughter witnessed that – just the patting on the head and a couple of other little girls making references to his height and laughing about it – he was very uncomfortable.

"I could see the look on his face, and I know that look very well because it’s a regular occurrence for him."


Angry, she said she had wanted to speak to the girls, but Quaden begged her not to make a scene.

She said: "As soon as we got in that car, about 15 minutes after the incident, he just broke down. It just affected him.

"Patting someone on the head can be quite dehumanising.

"It’s almost like you think they’re an animal or a novelty – they’re not quite human."

Quaden has been inundated with support after the heartbreaking video of him crying hysterically went viral.

He told his mum Yarraka: "Give me a knife — I want to kill myself. I just want to die right now."

A GoFundMe page started by US comic Brad Williams — who also has dwarfism — initially aimed to raise $10,000 (£7,800) to send him to Disneyland.

But it raised many times the target as donations flooded in from around the world.

Now his family say they are grateful for the support but have decided not to accept any of the money.

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