Firm that supplied 'Britain's saddest Christmas tree' issues defence

Fir heaven’s sake! Firm that supplied ‘Britain’s saddest Christmas tree’ DEFENDS its efforts to supply a festive conifer after council were forced to get in a replacement

  • Rainford’s Christmas Trees supplied St Helens Council with their tree this year
  • They said they are saddened to see ‘so much negativity over a tree’ 
  • They promised a replacement when it did not meet the council’s standards
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The company that supplied the ‘worst Christmas tree’ in Merseyside have issued a statement in their defence saying they are sad that ‘so many people have so much negativity over a tree’.

For the second year in a row, St Helens Council has come under fire over their town centre Christmas tree.

This year’s festive decoration has been branded a ‘laughing stock’ after it was put up in Church Square earlier this week, with one resident saying he thought it was a prank. 

But Rainford’s Christmas Trees, the firm who supplied the tree, have defended their service saying that the quality often declines when firs are taken out of their natural forest habitat.

‘We installed this tree. When it’s in the forest, trees look great.

‘When you take them from their natural surroundings, cut them down, bale them up, transport them then put them up again, big trees don’t always come through the process that well,’ the company said in a statement.

St Helens Council have been forced to replace their town centre Christmas tree as it ‘does not meet our standards’

Rainford’s Christmas Trees, who supplied the council with the tree, defended themselves saying that once trees are removed from their natural environment, they ‘don’t always come through the process that well’

Admitting that the tree was not up to standard, the firm have promised to send a replacement.

They added: ‘We recognised this after it was erected and was allowed to open out and immediately organised a replacement. 

‘Reading some of the comments on here makes me sad that so many people have so much negativity over a tree, which at the end of the day will be disposed of in seven weeks’ time. 

‘I think there are more important things to comment on than this.’

Locals however disagree that their Christmas tree lacks importance with one saying: ‘This is not funny, people will be coming to our town….we will be the laughing stock.’

St Helens residents were similarly dismayed at the state of last year’s town Christmas tree which was not even decorated with lights – only oversized decorations.

Last year’s tree (pictured) received similar complaints from locals who have joked that it must have been recycled this year

One Facebook commenter said: ‘Yes that’s our Christmas tree. I saw it yesterday and my first thought was have they recycled last year’s?’

Paul Whittaker, who took a picture of last year’s tree, joked that the sun shining through it was ‘the only light’ that had featured on the mostly barren fir.

Another person said: ‘Buy cheap, buy twice. We pay enough council tax to get a decent tree.’

A spokesperson for St Helens Borough Council said of the comments: ‘We’re not happy with this tree either. When the tree is unwrapped it is our first chance to look at it too and this does not meet our standards. 

‘We can assure everyone that this tree will be replaced with a new one in the next 24 hours!’

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