Prince vows to find truth of how his mother was duped into interview

Prince William vows he won’t stop fighting until he gets to the real truth of how his mother ended up being duped by Martin Bashir into giving the Panorama interview

  • Duke of Cambridge has privately vowed to uncover truth about Bashir interview 
  • The future king believes Dyson report is tip of the iceberg about BBC in 1990s 
  • Says the interview was a factor Diana’s ‘fear, paranoia and isolation’ in final years 

Prince William has vowed to uncover the truth about the BBC’s 1995 Bashir interview

Prince William has vowed privately to continue his battle to uncover ‘the truth’ about how his mother came to be duped by Martin Bashir.

The Mail understands that, far from drawing a line under the scandal, the future king believes the Dyson report may be the tip of the iceberg over what went on at the BBC in the mid-1990s.

‘He thinks this may be just the beginning of uncovering the truth,’ a source close to the prince told the Mail last night.

And in an unequivocal message to the makers of The Crown – or any other broadcaster or production company seeking to exploit the footage of the Diana interview – there was a simple message: ‘Don’t.’

In a blistering attack on Thursday, William damned the corporation for deceiving his mother, ruining her life and helping to hasten her divorce.

He said the BBC’s failures had contributed to Diana’s ‘fear, paranoia and isolation’ in her final years, and that the infamous 1995 Panorama interview made a ‘major contribution to making my parents’ relationship worse’.

Sources close to the prince were at pains to stress that he was ‘not going to war’ with the national broadcaster or seeking to run any kind of campaign against them.

In fact he is due to collaborate with their sports and radio departments, as well as BBC Scotland, this week – and they are still the official broadcaster for his Earthshot environmental prize this autumn.

‘The duke made a point of saying he is a big believer in public broadcasting and a free Press, and it was very important for him to make that,’ the source said. ‘He kept his statement to the facts of the report and its findings.’

But they stressed the scope of the report was narrowly set, as were the terms of reference and the evidence permitted – and it was clear ‘there was more to events than that’.

The source added: ‘The investigation was very specifically looking at the run-up to the interview, how it was obtained and what the BBC did. But there’s lots of evidence around that [which hasn’t been heard].’

The Duke of Cambridge said the infamous 1995 Panorama interview made a ‘major contribution to making my parents’ relationship worse’

It is understood that William is not calling for a further official inquiry, but is keen on ‘keeping conversations going privately with the BBC and to see what comes out’.

Hours after his statement on the findings of the Dyson report, William was back at work yesterday as he flew to Scotland for the first in a week-long series of engagements, talking about mental health issues at a football club in Edinburgh.

The source said: ‘The duke has arrived in Scotland and his mind is very much focused on his official duties [on behalf of the Queen] this week and other work coming up.

‘His statement was very personal to him, he has said his piece and now he is focusing on the job in hand.

‘But let’s just see what comes out. He is alive to the fact that this might be a wider issue and wants to keep exploring what else there might be.’

Prince William has vowed privately to continue his battle to uncover ‘the truth’ about how his mother came to be duped by Martin Bashir (pictured)

Sources have also suggested that this is very much a personal issue for William, who has been clearly devastated by the ‘lies and deceit’ employed against his late mother in getting the Bashir interview.

‘That’s what he wants to understand more about,’ said one. ‘It’s too soon to say he is going to have meetings [with the BBC], he has important work to focus on. But he will pick this up again. It will not go away.’

There was also a clear warning shot from Kensington Palace yesterday about those seeking to use or exploit the footage of Diana, which William clearly finds highly distressing.

A senior royal source told the Mail: ‘If there are any plans to continue to commercialise and exploit this, not just by the BBC but by any other outlets – upcoming episodes of The Crown, or whoever it might be – that would be of deep concern to him.’

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