Shocking moment driver chases man with a SPADE and smashes his back window after being body slammed in road rage row

SHOCKING footage shows a driver chase a man with a giant spade before smashing his back window.

The furious motorist launched his attack after being body slammed to the ground during the roadside brawl in Dagenham, east London.

The clip starts with the two men sparring before things quickly turn nasty.

One gets the other in a headlock then hoists him off the floor before sending him crashing back down.

He then repeatedly punches the van driver in the head before the pair separate.

The bodyslam victim grabs a shovel from his van and runs towards his opponent's vehicle as he drives off.

In an extreme act of road rage, he sends the spade crashing into the back windscreen, sending shattered glass flying.

The driver of the smashed car then storms out of the passenger side the his car as it reverses away from a junction.

He hurls what looks like a screwdriver back at the other motorist as he attempts to take shelter in his vehicle.

Inaudible words are exchanged before the video cuts out.

It is not known what sparked the violence, but it is understood to have taken place this morning.

It follows a similar altercation in which a furious driver tailgated a car before cutting it off and trying to drag the motorist out onto a busy road.

The violence unfolded on the A4093 between Tonyrefail and Gilfach Goch, south Wales, on September 17.

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