We live in ‘UK’s unhappiest town’ – it’s a total s***hole & council don’t care… they won’t even put up Xmas lights | The Sun

RESIDENTS living in what's been dubbed the UK's unhappiest town say it's a total s***hole – and their council doesn't care.

The locals in Boston, Lincolnshire, say it's so bad this year their council won't even hang Christmas lights to try cheer the town up.

Locals have hit out at their “meanie" local authority for failing to help bring the sparkle back – splashing out on a "wasted" £20,000 plastic Christmas tree instead of lights for the town.

Boston was recently ranked the unhappiest town in a survey of more than 300 towns and cities across England with the list based on factors including long working hours and low wages, plus a lack of green space.

Chippy shop worker Charlotte Heaton said: “Boston is a s***hole.

"I would love to leave but I can't leave because my family are here."

The mum-of-five agreed wholeheartedly with the survey, saying: “Who would be happy living here?

“There’s nothing for the kids to do and the only park in town is full of broken play equipment.

“It can be an intimidating and scary place."

Charlotte, who works at popular Captain Cod fish and chip restaurant, said: “On days off there’s nowhere to go, nothing to do so we end up going for treat days to Nottingham.

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“I've lived here all my life and the only reason I stay is because my parents are still here."

Meanwhile, Mark Pearce, who runs busy Norwegian Cafe Noglish, said he “loves” Boston – saying it more like living in “a small village rather than a town.”

But he is among residents who have hit out at the council for failing to put up Christmas lights.


The council had chosen to spend £20,000 on an artificial Christmas tree instead of using cash that would have gone towards festive lights.

Mr Pearce said: “There have been a lot of complaints about the council for not doing this.

"Electrical companies offered to donate new lights and shops have said they'd chip in to help pay for electricity but it was still no, no, no.

“People are really disappointed.

“They’ve spent more than £20,000 on a plastic tree which is a huge amount of money. 

"Yes it can be used again but it’s nothing like a really tree.

“The council is failing to achieve things they should be achieving, and they’ve behaved like Scrooge this year over the tree."

His mum Sonia Chapman added: “The council is very stuck in its ways and people here are stuck in a rut.

"People grumble about the place and dislike it but they don't not why.

"Boston needs a more positive attitude injected into it from the younger people."

Meanwhile, Kaye Brown moaned the new Christmas tree's lights didn't even appear to be lit up half the time – crowning it a "disgrace".

She sighed: "It's a poor show, it's not attracting people to the town or getting anyone in the Christmas spirit.

“Where is everyone this year? It's like a ghost town. It's nothing like it used to be. It's very sad.”

Another resident, Helen Wright, 59, said: "One late night shopping I heard a little girl crying saying 'where are the Christmas lights?'

"If Spalding and other places can make the effort then why can't we? The tree looks rubbish.”

The much-criticised tree stands in Market Place amongst the stalls in the shadow of the town's iconic St Botolph’s Church, affectionately know as Boston Stump.

The recent research carried out by Guardian Carers ranked Boston the unhappiest place on wellbeing levels and income.

It reportedly has the fourth lowest median income in England at £24,655 which is below the national average with wages staying stagnant.

The town also has the twelfth highest number of working hours.

One late night shopping I heard a little girl crying saying 'where are the Christmas lights?'

Boston Borough Council has blamed the lack of lights on funding cuts with town Mayor Councillor Anne Dorrian saying the situation a "complete and utter omnishambles.”

She said the 8 feet high artificial tree will cost taxpayers a total of £22,290 over two years.

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Leader Councillor Paul Skinner said: "We appreciate and recognise that the lack of Christmas lights has drawn criticism from a number of people in the town.

"A brand new fully-lit and decorated Christmas tree will instead be purchased for the town centre, which can be used in future years."

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